Currrent Teaching

  • Present 2018

    Business Research Methods

    This course is an introduction to business research methods

  • Present 2018


    This course is an introduction to eCommerce and its applications

  • Present 2020

    Data Science for Business

    This course is an introduction to Data Science and its business applications using Tableau)

  • Present 2016

    Research Methods (i.e., IBM SPSS AMOS, SmartPLS, ADANCO, R packages etc.)

    This course is an introduction to statistical research in the social sciences domain. The course aim is to provide students with the necessary skills to read, analyze and interpret quantitative data, with a focus on survey design, implementation, questionnaire design and multiple linear regression from both a descriptive and causal inference perspective.

  • Present 2016

    Management Information Systems

    This course is an introduction to Management Information Systems and related concepts

Teaching History

  • 2017 2016

    Mobile Application Programming: Android

    This course is an introduction to Android programming

  • 2016 2014

    Database Management Information Systems

    This course covers database design and the use of database management systems for applications, with a particular focus to SQL commands, triggers, stored procedures and functions for efficient and secure database management. .

  • 2016 2011

    C/C++ Programming

    This is an introductory course to the C and/or C++ programming language. It presents the fundamental notions and techniques used in in programming and object-oriented programming. The course is intended for those with little programming background. .

  • 2013 2011

    Server Side Application (PHP, and JSP)

    The course is an introduction to server side application (PHP and JSP)

  • 2013 2011


    The course present the basic introduction to javascript, and its dynamic interaction with HTML forms.

  • 2016 2011

    Information Technology Fundamentals

    The course presents the basic description of information technology concepts, computer hardware and software components, and current issues in information technology, and their application areas.